Inner gammelsetra

How to find us:

Half an hour drive from Gjøra (in Møre og Romsdal) to “Hallen parkering” (Car parking) and about 7 km hiking into the beautiful Grøvudalen you can find Inner Gammelsetra, a full processing summer mountain farm run by young people. The summer farm is open for visitors all summer.

Here it is possible to buy waffles and coffee, a plate of our sour cream porridge and a plate of sour cream with sugar. It is also possible to buy and take home different products that are made on the summer farm, including brown cheese, a local cheese called Gubb, sour cream, butter and prim.

The products are produced according to local traditional recipes.

We also offer experiences such as courses and stays at the summer farm.

We would love if you would come and wisit us during the summer.

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Opening season 2024

24. June - 9. August